I would like to introduce a Korean girl group called "TWICE"

TWICE - Feel Special MVYouTube : https://youtu.be/3ymwOvzhwHs .

Twice Member "NaYeon"

◈ TWICE Story

TWICE It is a nine-member girl group of Korea belonging to JYP Entertainment. On July 7, 2015, 9 finalists were selected through SIXTEEN. The final members consist of 5 Korean members, 3 Japanese members and 1 Taiwanese member. On Oct. 19, 2015, we released concert music and music video simultaneously. On the 20th, we released our first EP album "THE STORY BEGINS" and held a debut showcase stage at AKS Korea. The title song is "OOH-AHH". On the 27th of his debut week, he became the No. 1 candidate in the show and took second place. On the 29th, he was the No. 1 candidate in M ​​countdown. Even until February 2016, it showed the ability to maintain the top of the charts. Three months after the end of the activity, he was again ranked number one on the popular song and ranked second. As of November, 2016, it sold about 90,000 records, and in 2016, it recorded the number one record for new album idol debut album. "OOH-AHH (Gracefully)" is the most influential song of 2015 idol debut. On November 2, 2017, the "OOH-AHH (Gracefully)" YouTube music video hit the 200 million view, marking the first Korean debut song to exceed 200 million views.